Seinfeld Knows How To Write Songs? Songwriting Tips from... Jerry Seinfeld?

Aug 25, 2022

I've always thought that Artists can learn a lot from artists of different art forms. And yet, usually songwriters just hang out and learn from songwriters, painters with painters, and comedians from comedians. 

But, just as we're missing out as songwriters if we only listen to and get inspiration from artists in our same genre, we're missing out if we don't try to learn something about the act of creating from totally different artists. 

So, in this video, we're getting some helpful songwriting insight from... Jerry Seinfeld? He actually mentioned that an element of writing a joke was "more like songwriting" in his interview about how to write a joke with the New York Times.

So, we're taking a look at his joke writing process and getting some insight about songwriting from how Jerry Seinfeld writes a joke. 

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