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Songwriting can be overwhelming...

Maybe you want to be able to share your music with others, but you're not confident enough in the quality of your songs to do so.

You might find yourself slightly embarrassed by the quality of your music, but you're not even sure why or, more importantly, how to improve it.

You probably picked up songwriting saying "how hard can it be?" only to discover that finishing a song you feel proud of is harder than you thought.

Maybe you wanted to start songwriting, so you found yourself binging a bunch of online videos, podcasts, and blog posts to learn as much as you could, only to find that you were still lost when you actually sat down with your instrument to write.

You might be sick of how cookie-cutter and uninspiring your lyrics sound.

You might know deep down that your chord progressions are boring because you don't really know how to write one, you just utilize the stock chord progressions that have been overused for decades. G-D-Em-C again?

Or you might feel like your melodies just don't give you chills the way your favorite melodies do.

You might have just picked up the guitar or piano yesterday because you want to learn how to write songs.

Or maybe you've been struggling to grow in your songwriting ability for years.


But you have this burning desire to write songs you're proud of.

Maybe you want to write songs so you can feel like you made something truly meaningful.

Something you can share with loved ones and will stay with them even when you're gone.

Maybe you want to write songs so you can put your thoughts and feelings to music and finally feel heard.

You want songwriting to be an outlet to work through your mental struggles, but you just don't know where to start. 

Or maybe you just want to impress that cute girl or guy you don't know how to approach.

Or write a song that powerfully captures your love and admiration for your spouse.

Maybe the next time you go to an open mic, you want to be confident enough in your songs to finally play an original.

So why is writing a good song you can be proud of so hard?


Here's the thing: It’s not your fault.

Songwriting isn't just being a music composer and it's not just being a poet.

It's both.

And writing music isn't as simple as just writing a chord progression or melody.

And writing lyrics isn't just writing words. And it's not even as simple as writing words that rhyme.

So, of course you're overwhelmed.

It doesn’t help that there’s a ton of bad information out there.

Some people will tell you lyrics don’t matter, but we all know that’s not true.

Someone might like a song that has underwhelming lyrics, but rarely does a song with underwhelming lyrics really speak to people's hearts.

Some people will tell you that music theory has no value, yet they’re locked into using the same unmemorable chord progressions over and over.

"Just use one of the proven chord progressions!" they say.

And, while that's a fine place to start, you know great songwriting requires more than copy-pasting the same few chord progressions over and over.

That's all assuming they even know what music theory is! (Hint: It is not the same as knowing how to read sheet music).

Not to mention melody writing is often completely ignored. 

Yet, melody might be the single most important part of a song.

So "Just write a melody" isn't going to cut it.

Worse, so many people will make it sound like writing a song is easy, but they rarely mention that writing a good song isn't as easy as they make it sound.

However, there is a solution to the overwhelm of songwriting...

For years, I tried to write music just by trying random chords until I stumbled upon something that at least worked.

Then I’d try singing melodies over my chord progressions until I stumbled upon something acceptable.

Finally, it would be a long slog through lyrics until I finally felt like the lyrics were somewhat better than embarrassing

But, after learning more about music and lyric writing and years of trial and error, I’ve come up with a consistent and reliable system for songwriting.


Not only that, but I’ve taken all the most important knowledge you could have about chord progressions, melodies, lyrics, song titles, and more, and put it all together. 



My comprehensive songwriting course that shows you how to write songs you can be proud of, from idea to complete song.

Complete Songwriter Academy gives you my core process for writing songs as well as in-depth guides to writing some of the core elements of songwriting, such as melodies, lyrics, and chord progressions.

Complete Songwriter Academy is an online course that is made up of 6 in-depth modules.

Here's an overview of what you'll learn inside

Complete Songwriter Academy:

Module 1: Songwriting Preparation

In this module, we're going to give you the foundational tools to be a successful songwriter. You'll be taught:

  • The Core Components of a Song. Understanding the core components of a song will help reduce the overwhelm of songwriting.
  • Improvisation + Composition. In this lesson, you'll learn what improvisation and composition are and why leveraging both is important to write great songs.
  • The 2 Essential Pieces of Music Theory Made Simple. Like it or not, if you want to write music exponentially faster and want to be able to write interesting chord progressions that aren't just the same old cookie cutter progressions, you do need to learn a little music theory. Specifically, you need to understand keys and chords. This section will teach you the essential parts of keys and chords you need to understand to write compelling music intentionally and quickly.

Module 2: The Songwriting Process

In this module, you're going to learn the Practical and Simple Way To Write Songs. I call this process song building. This approach makes writing everything from your First Verse Lyrics to your Bridge Chord Progression and your Chorus Melody a clear process so you can write full-length songs you can be proud of. Song Building is broken down into 4 simple steps:

  • Pre-Songwriting: The Art of Idea Gathering. You'll learn how to consistently and reliably gather great song ideas from many different sources and how to never lose them. If you've ever stared at a blank page when trying to write lyrics or sat with your instrument, bewildered at where to start, you know how valuable it would be to always have a long list of great song ideas you can work from. Even if you don't think you struggle with gathering ideas, but you've noticed most of your songs either sound too similar or cover the same themes and ideas over and over again, having a reliable idea-gathering process is going to be important for you to start and keep writing great songs.
  • Song Developing: Transforming Lyric and Music Ideas Into Song Ideas. You'll learn how to figure out the music from your lyrical ideas and figure out the lyrics from your musical ideas. Sometimes one of the most difficult parts of songwriting is pairing a musical idea to lyrics that fit or a lyrical idea to music that fits. In this video, you'll learn exactly how to do that.
  • Vertical Song Building: Transforming Song Ideas Into Full Song Sections. Your song is made up of 3 core parts: Chords, Melody, and Lyrics. In this section you'll learn how to approach developing a Chord Progression, Melody, and Lyrics that all work together. You'll also learn how other riffs like bass lines, piano riffs, and guitar hooks play into the song development process.
  • Horizontal Song Building: Turning Partial Songs Into Full Songs With Intentional Song Structure. You'll learn how to develop different song sections so you're able to write effective full-length songs rather than being stuck with just writing 1 minute partial songs. You'll learn how to think through song structure so that you can be intentional in how you build out your songs rather than being stuck with verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus forever.

You'll also learn:

  • How To Write Verses, Choruses, and Bridges. Verses, Choruses, and Bridges are by far the most utilized song sections. You'll learn how to write killer verses, bridges, and choruses through a deep dive into the core characteristics and tendencies of each section. 
  • How To Write Pre-Choruses and Post-Choruses. You'll learn how to write effective pre-choruses and post-choruses by going through the core characteristics and tendencies of each section.

Module 3: Compose Epic Chord Progressions

Chord Progressions make up the foundation of every song. In this section, we'll go over:

  • The Basics of Chord Progressions. You'll learn how to write your own chord progressions through a deeper understanding of how chords work together in the context of your song. No more randomly picking bland, overused, cookie-cutter chord progressions for your songs and just hoping they'll work well for your song. Instead, you'll be able to craft epic chord progressions intentionally.
  • Level Up Your Chord Progressions. You'll learn how to take your basic chord progressions and make them more interesting in 3 simple but powerful ways. Here you'll learn how to leverage inversions, bass lines, and non-triad chord types such as sus chords, 7th chords, add chords, and more!
  • How To Write A Chord Progression For Your Melody. In this video, I'll demonstrate how to write a chord progression for a melody you've already written. You'll be able to watch me as I write a chord progression for a melody while I break down how to think through writing the chords.

Module 4: Write Chill-Inducing Melodies

Melody might be the single most important element of any song. In this module we'll go over:

  • The Melody Writing Process. You'll learn the simple 2-step process to writing a killer melody.
  • Melody Improvisation Tips. You'll learn my best tips on how to improvise killer melodies in real-time, allowing you to write more memorable melodies much more quickly.
  • How To Keep Your Melodies Interesting. You'll learn how to write melodies that are gripping from start to finish. You'll learn how to leverage tension + release as well as chord + non-chord tones to make sure your melodies are dripping with emotion.
  • How To Test Your Melodies To Ensure They're Absolutely Killer. You'll learn the 6 tests you should put all your melodies through to ensure that your melodies are powerful and ready to be sung for the world.
  • How To Compose a Melody For Your Chord Progression. In this demo, I'll show you how to compose a melody for an already-written chord progression.
  • How To Improvise a Melody For Your Chord Progression. In this demo, I'll show you my favorite way to efficiently write a great melody. You'll get to watch as I show you how I improvise in order to write a memorable melody.
  • How To Edit a Melody For Your Chord Progression. In this demo, I'll show you how to edit an improvised melody to turn it from a melody with great potential to a truly great melody.

Module 5: Write Frame-Worthy Lyrics

Lyrics are what give your song meaning and allow you to tell a story. In this section, you'll discover things such as:

  • The Lyric Writing Process. You'll learn the 6 step lyric writing process to go from idea to frame-worthy lyrics you can be proud of.
  • What Meter Is and How To Leverage It So Your Lyrics Flow Like Poetry. You'll also learn about the most common meter patterns and how to use them. 
  • The 5 Types of Rhyme and 10 of the Most Common Rhyme Schemes. There is so much more to rhyming than perfect rhymes like "light" and "night"! You'll learn my best tips on rhyming as well as how to utilize rhyme schemes throughout your songs.
  • Lyric Writing Tips and Tricks. You'll learn all my best tips and tricks for writing the best lyrics you possibly can.
  • How To Never Write Boring Lyrics. You'll learn what lyrical efficiency is and how to leverage it to make sure your lyrics are absolutely saturated with depth and meaning, without a single word going to waste.

Module 6: How To Craft The Perfect Song Title

A song's title is the primary identifier for your song and most listeners' first impression of your song. A song title might be the difference between someone deciding to listen to your song or move on to the next, more interesting sounding, song. In this module, you'll learn:

  • The 3 Main Types of Song Titles You Can Utilize For Your Songs. 
  • The Simple 3-Question Framework To Figure Out The Perfect Song Title
  • The 4 Questions You Need To Ask To Make Sure You Have The Right Title For Your Song

So as you can see - Complete Songwriter Academy contains everything you'll need to take your songwriting skills to the next level.

The entire course is easily accessible through a secure member's area, and you'll be able to access it from any device that can connect to the internet such as a laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, etc.

In order to learn what's taught inside Complete Songwriter Academy, there's only a few options out there:

Option 1: Go back to college for a songwriting degree. This could work well, but it will cost tens of thousands of dollars and you may even have to move.

Not to mention all the time you'll have have to spend studying.

And, if it's like most college degrees, they'll probably waste a ton of your time with things other than the skill you're trying to learn.

They'll likely make you take unrelated classes like music history and instrumental music methods, not to mention totally unrelated gen-ed classes like math and psychology.

And why waste time studying for tests when what you really want to learn is songwriting, not test taking?


Option 2: Taking lessons. Lessons can be a great way to learn and, as musicians, we certainly know the value we can get from 1 on 1 lessons.

But 1 on 1 lessons will add up in cost super quickly. Even a $50 weekly lesson will be $200/month!

That's $2,400/year!

Not to mention there aren't nearly as many songwriting instructors as there are piano and guitar instructors out there.


Option 3: Doing it on your own. Assuming you're just using free resources, this won't cost you any money, but it will cost an absolute ton in a more valuable resource: time.

We can always get more money, we can never get more time. 

Teaching ourselves without a guide is a fantastic way to waste a lot of time and effort learning the slow and frustrating way.

I wish 15-year-old me had the option to not learn this way.


As a songwriter, I know that sinking feeling that I'm not writing songs as well as I'm capable of.

It's devastating to feel like you need that creative outlet, but you just can't seem to get it quite right.

But don't worry, Complete Songwriter Academy isn't going to destroy your budget.

While the content inside this course is worth thousands of dollars spent on lessons, and what's taught inside is what you could learn in college degrees that cost even more...

I want this course to be within the budget of anyone who just wants to write great songs. 

And it's going to cost much less than learning the long way - trial and error for years and years.

I started Songwriter Theory because I wanted to help people write songs they could be proud of. Songs that would scratch that creative itch. Songs that would function as a healthy therapeutic outlet.

So How Much Does Complete Songwriter Academy Cost?

At this point, you can probably see how powerful a course like this is. So you may be wondering “how much will this cost me?”. 

Well, if you were to get a 4 year music degree, it would be $80,000 on average. 

That’s insane. I want to help as many people as possible and not waste your time on anything but knowledge that will help you with your songwriting specifically. 

So you’re not going to pay 1% of that. 

Actually, not even 0.5% of that. 

If you started taking songwriting lessons, it would probably cost you $200+ every single month.

This course will be less than that and it's only a one-time cost.

When you sign up today, you’ll receive instant access to the entire course for just one easy payment of $197.


And to really make this a no-brainer decision for you...

Your investment in Complete Songwriter Academy comes with a no questions asked, 60-day full money-back guarantee.


You heard that right.

Join Complete Songwriter Academy today, go through the course, test out the concepts you learn, and apply them to your songwriting.

And if in the first 60 days of joining the course you don’t think it’s helped you write better songs, just email me at [email protected], and we’ll refund every cent.

No questions asked.

No hard feelings.

If the course doesn’t help you, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. 

So, if the course doesn’t help you, you won’t pay for it.

And the course can easily be gone through in a weekend or two. So even if you’re super busy with work or college right now, you can pick up Complete Songwriter Academy and come back to it next month. If you don’t think you made the right call in buying the course?

You still get a refund, no questions asked.

However, this exclusive offer is only going to be available once…

So if you want to write songs you can be proud of, now’s the time to take action.


So click the button below to join Complete Songwriter Academy for just

One Small Payment of Just $197.

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And if you sign up for Complete Songwriter Academy today, you'll receive 2 exclusive free bonuses:

Bonus 1: The Vault

In this bonus module, we'll go over:

  • Free Online Songwriting Tools that will help you be more effective and efficient in your songwriting.
  • How To Figure Out What Key Your Music Is In. This video will show you how to figure out the keys of songs you've already started writing. Whether you're starting a new song or continuing one you've already started, knowing your song's key is one of the most important pieces of knowledge you can have as you write.
  • Musical Keys Cheat Sheet. If you want to be able to write songs in-key ASAP, this guide will give you all the notes and main chords of every major and natural minor key.
  • Song Sections Basics Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet will teach you the 5 main song sections. It includes definitions and tendencies of each song section as well as 10+ songs for you to listen to with time stamps for when each song section begins and what type of song section it is.
  • Write Your First 5 Songs Guide. This guide will walk you through writing your first 5 songs step-by-step. If you want to have some very specific direction to write some songs, this is the guide for you. 

Bonus 2: Songwriter Mindset Trainings

In this bonus module, we'll go over some tips and mindsets to set you up for a successful songwriting future. We'll talk about:

  • The Songwriter's Journey: Crawl-Walk-Run. This lesson will teach you how to avoid overwhelm and always be writing songs at the edge of your current knowledge and abilities. This will help you be more successful in your pursuit of writing songs regardless of your current skill level.
  • The Art of Improving. This lesson will teach you how to keep improving as a songwriter so you can be a better songwriter a year from now and a much better songwriter 5 years from now.
  • The Key To Effective Songwriting Sessions. In this lesson, we'll talk about the key to having a successful songwriting session, no matter how little time you have.
  • Inspiration Doesn't Determine Your Songwriting Destiny. In this lesson, we'll break down how you can control your own songwriting success with or without inspiration and cover the misconception most songwriters have about the role inspiration has in songwriting.
  • Intentional Songwriting: The Songwriting Funnel. This lesson will teach you how to be more intentional about how you write your songs in order to stay more inspired and write songs with a more intentional sound.

One last thing...

I want you to ask yourself, if you could have the tools, the techniques, and the knowledge to finally write a complete song you can be proud of, how would your life change?

What would it be worth to you if you knew you could reliably and repeatedly write songs with melodies that gave your listeners chills, lyrics that are frame-worthy, and chord progressions that powerfully drive home the feelings you want your song to elicit?

How different would your life be if you could proudly perform your new song in front of your friends, family, and strangers?

How different would your life look a year from now if you were proud of the songs you wrote and loved showing people your music?

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