How To Write Songs FASTER

songwriting efficiency songwriting speed Jun 12, 2022

If we were to try to come up with a way to measure a songwriter overall in a simple way, it probably would come down to 2 main factors: Quality and Throughput

Or, put more simply: The average "grade" you would give a songwriter's songs and how many songs they write per interval of time.

For example, if 2 songwriters both wrote songs you'd give a 85% but one wrote 50 a year and the other 100, we'd probably regard the one who wrote 100 as better.

So, as we're trying to level up our songwriting and become better songwriters, we often look to "how do I increase the quality of my songs?", which is great. But, in this video, we're going to talk about "how do I increase how quickly I write and finish songs?"

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