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How Constraints Can Actually HELP Our Songwriting Creativity

Sep 04, 2021

 How can constraints actually help our songwriting creativity?

Well, you might have experienced something like what I did in school.

They take something creative and then rip almost every fiber of creativity out of it by making you write, draw, paint, or sculpt something specific. 

You thought you were looking forward to writing a short story until you were told you had to write a short story with a 14-year-old girl as a main character living in a 1980s apartment with her parents and 2 siblings.

Well. Good thing there’s so much creative room for you write about whatever moves you as a creative person.

Weren’t alive in the 80s? Doesn’t matter. Wanted to write sci-fi? Too bad. Can’t relate to a 14-year-old girl enough to get a date, much less write a story from her perspective? Just do it.

So, look. I get it. I love creative freedom.

But I think sometimes we tend to go too far in the opposite direction and never have any constraints on what we do creatively.

And, here’s the thing. Sometimes limited and intentional constraints can be just the thing to absolutely unleash your songwriting creativity.

That’s what this video is all about.

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