Goals For Your FIRST VERSE | What Your Song's First Verse Should Accomplish

Mar 11, 2022

Deliver Imagery To Contextualize the Rest of the song

Every piece of information informs and contextualizes everything after it. 

If you front-load your song with imagery, it will carry throughout the song.

If you mention walking down the beach to the rhythm of the waves, that image will inform the rest of the song- we picture you walking down a beach and the beating waves. 

Even if the beach is never mentioned again, that image will carry throughout the song. 

If you don’t mention any imagery until later in the song, the listener doesn’t have any strong image to attach to. 

Think of it as an "Imagery Hook"


This is your pilot episode, so…..


Introduce the world and the story of the song

What type of song is this? 

What is generally going on? Is this a love story or a story of life?

Generally I should know what the general story of the song I’m signing up for is.

Are we talking about high school memories? Long lost love? Dealing with depression? Losing someone? 

This can be communicated in both words and tone.


Create Intrigue and/or Investment

You need to give people a reason to tune in for episode 2. 

You want to efficiently get people to invest in and care about what’s to follow.

If your story sounds the same as every other. If there’s no interesting musical hook or intriguing lyric, why do I care about the rest of the song? Hook me. Get me invested.

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