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don't try to write a hit song hit songs how to write a hit song Jan 10, 2022

I see so much obsession with "Hit songs" and "How to write a hit song?".

Some people take advantage this by creating content that tells you there's some formula. 

There isn't.

If there was a formula and a single human being knew it, then they would write all the hits. 

And if anyone else found out the formula, soon there would be too many songs "written to be hits" than number of songs that could be hits. 

If you think about it, it quickly becomes apparent that anyone's claim to have a hit song formula is incorrect. 

And, my favorite is when these people have 0 hits. Or 1 hit out of 500 songs. 

I don't know about you, but I don't want my "formula" to only get the right result 1/500 times. 

And then, on the other side, there are those who want to take the shortcut to having a hit song and all the things they think comes with one. 

I get it, we all would like to have a hit, but I think trying to write a hit song is missing the mark. So all that I just said is just a part of what I'm talking somewhat ranting - about in this video.

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