3 Tips From "Writing Better Lyrics" by Pat Pattison

Sep 05, 2021

In this video, we’re talking about 3 of the major tips I learned from the book Writing Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison. 

Songwriting perspectives and points of view are something that so deelply effects our music, and yet was something I often neglected to think about. 

This book changed that for me. 

This book also is where the now-famous concept of “Object Writing” comes from. 

Object writing is a great 10 minute excercise to learn to dive deeply into your sensory information and deep writing. 

This book also has some great content on Meter and how to utilize and break out of common meter for certain effect.

So Let’s talk about some of these great tips from this book!

Grab the book here!

For Full Disclosure: The above is an affiliate link, so if you end up buying from that link, it will support me as well (at no extra cost to you!). If not, no hard feelings, but I hope you get the book anyway! 

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