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3 Tips BEFORE You Start Songwriting

Sep 04, 2021

In this video podcast, we’re talking through 3 tips to know BEFORE you start songwriting.

But hey, it doesn’t hurt to hear these things even if you’re a seasoned veteran songwriter. 

Like a songwriter so seasoned that your “songwriter self” is old enough to have a beard. 

That seasoned.

Anyway, it’s important to understand the 3 main pieces that make up a song and how those pieces fit together.

It’s also important to know that lyrics are more important than you think… and chords are less important than you think.

And that muse? It’s limited and you can’t rely on it. 

Think of it like that one friend that flakes out on every plan. 

Or that family member that, when you see them they’re always like “we have to hang out together. I’ll text you!”

They will not text you.

That know that.

You know that.

Let’s cut the charade, eh?

My cousins and I used to always joke “See you next Christmas!”

Our parental and grandparental units didn’t love the joke.

But it was great when the “joke” was actually true. Which was… often. It was often.

Anyway, give the video podcast a listen before taking the songwriting dive!

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