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3 Songwriting Tips From Nirvana Every Songwriter Should Know

Oct 28, 2023

In this video, we're talking about 3 songwriting tips from Nirvana EVERY songwriter should know. These are 3 different Things I learned about songwriting from Nirvana.

We're going to see what we can learn about how to write songs from Nirvana. We'll talk about how we can put hooks EVERYWHERE the way Nirvana does, how the bass is an underrated songwriting and arranging tool for songwriters, and how cryptic lyrics can lead to both good and bad things. Because Nirvana's lyrics are definitely often cryptic!

Not only will we talk about songwriting tips from Nirvana, we'll also talk about a bonus arranging tip we can learn from Nirvana. We'll talk about how Nirvana reminds us how great RAW can be in today's world of over-perfected, over-edited, over-produced music. Maybe we should consider avoiding perfection but going for a more raw feel! So, let's talk about 3 things we can learn about songwriting from Nirvana.

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