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3 Reasons You'll Want To QUIT Songwriting... And Why You Shouldn't

Sep 04, 2021

There will come a time when you want to quit songwriting.

Sometimes it’s a close friend or relative who doesn’t seem to think you’re any good or seems unimpressed by what you’re doing.

Maybe it’s that you set expectations too high for people to find your music all on their own.

  Maybe when you listen back to your music, you’re discouraged by how good you think you are. 

 We’ve all been there.   Someone out there will not like your music. That person might be close to you.  Just because someone likes YOU doesn’t mean they’ll like your ART.

It’s true the other way around as well. There are a lot of artists you like who you probably wouldn’t like as a person.

You don’t love the baskets your friend weaves, but it doesn’t change that you like them as a person, right? In the same way, your rap-loving friend probably isn’t going to be too keen on your love ballad.

  So, in this video, I talk about the 3 main reasons you’ll probably want to quit songwriting at some point… and why you shouldn’t. 

 Keep songwriting, friend.

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