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3 Indispensable Online Songwriting Tools

Sep 04, 2021

Technology is a beautiful thing. It gives us tools that can help us with tasks that would otherwise take much longer. It can help us be more organized, efficient, and proficient in our craft. Why not utilize the online tools at our disposal as 21st century songwriters? We’re going to cover 3 indispensable online songwriting tools.

While I strongly believe that rhyming lyrics is often unnecessary and sometimes harmful, we often do want to rhyme our lyrics. If you do want to rhyme, is your friend.

You can search for rhymes by word, and then it gives you the different rhymes, separated by syllable count. It also has the more pure rhymes in bold, while words that sort of rhyme are in normal font.

This is a quick way to see what word options you have for rhyming. If you are trying to rhyme with “orange”, I’m sorry. The good news is that you can discover fairly quickly if there isn’t a word that’s going to work.

And, when that happens, you may have to change the word you are trying to rhyme with. In that case, this next tool is unendingly helpful.

If your lyric says more or less what you want it to say, but you want to change some words around, either to help with rhyming or to make your lyric a little more evocative and precise, is the tool for you.

I’ve talked about the iterative lyric writing process before, and this tool is perfect for this process on the word level.

Maybe you have the word “pain” in your lyric, but want a more precise word. will give you some great options like “grief” and “ache”, which are much more specific and precise words. This tool if perfect for your last rounds of iterative lyric editing to turn your good lyric into a great one.

If your words aren’t great for rhyming, can help you change up your words to be more easily utilized. While I don’t recommend changing to a less precise word for the sake of the rhyme, this tool can help you keep the same word meanings while staying true to your rhymes.


Google Drive

There are 2 main things I want for my song lyrics. I want them to be organized and available. It’s hard to find fault with Google drive for those two things. Whether I am in front of my computer or have my phone next to my bed as I’m trying to sleep, the documents in google drive are always available to me.

Not only that, I can organize them however I want. I, personally, have a folder for “Completed” songs, songs I’m currently working on, and songs in my “Backlog”- those I’m not currently working on, but do plan to finish someday.

I also find it helpful to separate music into different folders depending on what project it’s a part of. For example, I have one for my upcoming “Keeping Memories” EP, one for my “Untitled 2020 EP” and one for my future rock band.

This helps me separate my different styles of writing as well. Dropbox and OneDrive are other options if you want to stay away from Google, but I think Google works best for ease of use. 

What online tools do you use for songwriting? Let us know in the comments below!

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